Gunship Battle

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Video of the guild compleating the Gunship Battle encounter. Full Length video is availible below ...

Well I didnt think our group was ready for ICC yet but they proved me wrong. Not only did we down Lord Marrowgar but we defeated Lady Deathwhisper, and the Gunship Battle!

It's been a hell of a week for progression for the guild. We downed Yogg saron, ToC 10, EoE 25, Onyxia 10, OS 10 & 25, and first three encounters of ICC.

Woot! We downed Yogg-Saron yesterday and tonight we completed 10man TOC !

I recently purchased the ID Super pack from steam and had a few problems getting dosbox to stop crashing upon startup and was attempting to edit the config files to no avail. But I now have them working perfectly. Make sure that if you have DEP (data execution prevention) enabled to add an exception for every dosbox.exe file for each game. It worked for me and now I can play doom, and commander keen without any problems.

I just finished a game of CSS and a news window popped up stating that the entire ID software catalog had been made available for purchase on steam! Sweet! To bad I already purchased Doom3 and the resurrection expansion pack. But then I was thinking maybe I'll get lucky and they will allow people who have already purchased the game to prove that they have purchased it and have a way of making it available on my steam account.

Then I sent off a email to my brother letting him in on the news and dug a post on that also made the news available. So with the thought of the id catalog being made available on steam in my mind I went and took a shower thinking nothing else of it.

About thirty minutes later I went back on my computer to watch a movie. Sat down, got comfortable with a plate of watermelon, put my earphones on and saw that I had not closed the steam store window showing Doom 3 for sale. Now sometime from that point on until just before I made this post, it's a little fuzzy, but I can remember opening up widows calculator and adding up the total price of all the ID games to verify if the total price of each game if purchased separately would be correct. Then I remember something having to do with that line from Jerry Maguire "You had me at hello."

Hello indeed. All the ID games for just $62.95, a $150 dollar savings. Maybe it was the nostalgia of commander keen and doom 1/2 that threw me, but you are now looking at the new owner of all these fine games,

• Commander Keen, Episodes 1 through 5
• Wolfenstein 3D
• Spear of Destiny
• Return to Castle Wolfenstein
• Ultimate DOOM
• Final DOOM
• DOOM3: Resurrection of Evil
• QUAKE Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon
• QUAKE Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity
• QUAKE II Mission Pack: The Reckoning
• QUAKE II Mission Pack: Ground Zero
• QUAKE III: Team Arena
• Heretic
• Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
• HeXen
• HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
• HeXen II

Well I guess I can look on the bright side, at least I don't have to put the dam doom 3 disk in the cd tray just to play the game anymore. I have always wanted to play Return to castle wolfinsien and now I can! BTW the older games like wolf3d and doom 1 use the DosBox emulator to play. I played a little bit of wolf3d and spear of destiny just now and had no troubles playing under windows vista.

I have been starting to dabble in XNA the last couple of days, and have posted the code for 3 example projects I created.

I have to say that I can read and under stand the C# language and have converted a number of C# projects over to in the past. Some were small some were large, but this is the first time I have actually written, C# code. I am a only developer. I have to say, it's an annoying language to write code in. Really annoying. Particularly with case sensitivity, and method calls that don't end with () brackets. If they wanted to create a easy to use platform for making games they should have used I am certain first timers, non programmers people who see xna as a chance to get into programming for the first time would not have found the vb language syntax as annoying and finicky as C#.

But any way I am finding it much easier to write C# code then I had expected. But hopefully the XNA team makes good and releases a flavor of XNA game studio, for us vb'ers out there.

I have setup a page just for XNA here.

Wow it's been almost a month already since my last blog entry! I am still working, at my job. The local sawmill shutdown and I got hired on as a laborer pulling electrical wires and stripping them for the copper. The other day four of us stripped over 11,000 pounds of copper wire, in one day! Which earned out boss about $22,000 CAD dollars. But it looks like this Thursday is going to be my last day working there, so I should have more free time to do things like make blog posts!

Anyway I have been starting to play around with the Axiom Rendering Engine again these last few days, and it seems to be going good so far. I am actually finding that I can get the engine to work fairly easily as compared to my previous attempts at trying to get it to work. I am also thinking I might start posting some content on the Axiom wiki whne I find the time as it seems to be in need of user submissions.

Status Report

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Notice how I kinda stopped updating my site... you can blame CSS (Counter Strike Source) Now that I have torn myself away from it long enough to write this I will try to continue to update this site and add more content.

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