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28 Flash cartoon shorts.

Published 3/27/2004 by createdbyx in News

Some well done, 28 Flash cartoon shorts for your entertainment.

Foamy cartoons

MS is holding a tech chat for VB.NET and D3D! on march 30th. Here are the details ...

Do you have questions about how to best use Visual Basic .NET to program DirectX 9.0 graphics? Are you unsure when to use a particular Direct3D feature? Join members of the Visual Basic and Windows Graphics & Gaming Technologies teams and discuss how to leverage the power of DirectX 9.0 from Visual Basic.

Here is the link...

New code snippet!

Published 3/23/2004 by createdbyx in News

Added new code snippet to code snips category called RWTextFile that contains 2 methods for reading and writing to a text file in one line of code!

Added a new code snip!

Published 3/23/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have added a new code snip for capturing screen shots of your directx app! There are two easy methods you can use to take screen shots of your DirectX app! (903.00 bytes)

I am going to be creating a new category on the side bar called "Code Snips". This is where I will be placing a number of code snips that I think people may find handy. The problem is that I did not want to have to go through the hassle of creating a code snippet all the time and zipping the files etc, so I created a simple app to do just that.

ZipThatSnip is an app that allows developers to quickly make and zip code snips by selecting there code on screen and running the "ZipThat Snip" Macro that is provided.

For installation instructions and requirements click here. (61.34 kb

Warrning to developers! I was just working in the 2002 forms designer and started getting the fallowing error...

<missing image vsneterror.gif>

... I could not figure out why I was suddenly getting this error seemingly out of no where.

Be carfull about adding this reference "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\" or one similar to it, under your Project property Pages ("Reference Path").

If I had to guess as to why adding this reference path in a 2002 project would cause the forms designer for that project to crash, I'd guess it would have somthing to do with 2002 using ver 1.0 of the .NET Framework rather than ver 1.1. Or possibly some sort of conflict there of.

I have zipped and uploaded the 9.6mb snapshot of the full dx9tools R5 solution as it is stored on my computer. NOTE: That this is not an actual release just a pre release snapshot.

A few new images

Published 3/18/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have uploaded a few new images into the photo gallery. The images are of a couple of logo designs that never made the cut. You can see the new "Created by: X" logo I decided on, at the top left of my site. You can also download the full resolution (1024x1024) under the Misc Pics area in the Photo gallery.

DX9Tools update

Published 3/18/2004 by createdbyx in News

DX9Tools at gotdotnet

I have Made some posts to the DX9Tools site and was thinking about what my library really could use in terms of killer featues. The problem is that I am actually writing DX9Tools for myself and for what I want to do with DX. But thats only because no one has asked me to specifically add any one particular feature.

I guess I am just trying to build it up bit by bit until I have all the building blocks to create things like character loading and animation a breeze. Or even a 3D animation sequence for that matter. Which by the way would not be far off if I would just take the time to implement it.

Created by: X

Published 3/17/2004 by createdbyx in News

I think I may have settled on the style and formatting for my blog. (IE: What your reading)

You can still access all previous news posts for march 2004 and earlier under the "News Archives" link on the sidebar.

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