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Steve Jobs

Published 10/10/2011 by createdbyx in News

Was just back in town for two days and was catching up on some emails and rss feeds when I learned Steve Jobs has passed away. I've never been a apple user, never really used or owned an apple product other then brief uses of an iPod and iTunes, but I still tip my hat to Steve and Apple for creating the slickest & sleekest tech around.

It's widly accepted that Apple is Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs is Apple, so it is interesting times for the future of apple. Personally I think long term Apple's future may be bleek without steve being there as the moral center guiding Apple's direction.

Unity 3 Weeks later

Published 10/2/2011 by createdbyx in News | Unity

I admit I have not spent as much time using Unity as I'd like to these last three weeks. I have been working out of town and have no internet where I am so I only have the Unity documentation to tie me over. Without internet access I can't gain access to more reading material on Unity so have not made much progress. But I think I am begining to understand it better from what little time I have spent with it. I still have about another two weeks or so of working out of town so I won't be able to dive much deeper into Unity until until I get back.

On the other hand I have been working on my Zider project and have been making some progress here and there.

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