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Sooooon my precious

Published 1/20/2005 by createdbyx in News

Just to let you know I have pretty much finished the video submission web application, so with any luck it will be up and running soon.

I have also registered for the fallowing web cast "MSDN Webcast: Russ' Tool Shed Live Studio Audience Webcast–DotNetNuke Version 3 (Part 1 of 4): Overview (Level 100)" you can check it out at Microsoft Events

I have also been working on a few game related things, such as a 2D platformer I am fooling around with making called Bubble Up Mario <link to file is missing> (151Kb zip containing 30 sec video demo)

I keep over complexifying the game so don't hold you breath waiting for me to finish it. :p

OMG! I've wasted my life...

Published 1/11/2005 by createdbyx in News

What you can't see me doing right now is shaking my head in shame. Why, WHY! did I not take a more serious aproach to OpenGL. So many years I've wasted on DirectX. *Sigh*

Oh well... As you can see I have re-re-re-rediscoved (hopfully for the last time) OpenGL in the form of Tao openGL. Now that I am starting to "Get it" to describe OpenGL I'd say "Yep".

I've compleated 6 basic projects, and I gotta tell you, it's soooo much easier then DX. (when I say DX I mean managed DX 9) No having to manage object references. No managing object states. Using Google and there is Plentifull documentation. I could go on, but I will not. Lastly I will say this, OpenGL is reminding me of the fun and ease of use I had programming graphics in QBasic. Yes it's that easy to use. Whu Hooo! I'm alive again!

I just ordered a free DVD from the MS web site and did not have to pay shipping! Sweet! Check out the offer at Visual Studio: Order Your Free Partner Product DVD

This is thie kind of thing I would like to see more of. Every now and then MS offering a free dvd full of current software that is out there but that we would otherwise be oblivious to without extensive searching and research.

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