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Sometimes it is handy to keep a game object alive for as long as your game is running. In order to prevent your object from being destroyed when loading a new scene use GameObject.DontDestroyOnLoad and your game object will persist between scene changes.

If you need to retrieve the default Arial font via code at runtime you can do so using the Resources.GetBuiltInResource method.

var font = Resources.GetBuiltinResource(typeof(Font), "Arial.ttf") as Font;

If you need to stylize your gui you can use the GUISettings class to change, the cursor color, flash speed, the selection color for text fields, as well as double click behavior.

    public class GuiSettingsExample : MonoBehaviour
        public Color cursorColor;     
        public float flashSpeed;      
        public bool doubleClickSelectWord;       
        public Color selectionColor;             
        public bool tripleCLickLine;             
        private string text = "test string";     
        private Vector2 scroll;                  
        public GUISkin skin;                     

        public void OnGUI()
            var settings =;
            settings.cursorColor = this.cursorColor;
            settings.cursorFlashSpeed = this.flashSpeed;
            settings.doubleClickSelectsWord = this.doubleClickSelectWord;
            settings.selectionColor = this.selectionColor;
            settings.tripleClickSelectsLine = this.tripleCLickLine;

            this.scroll = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(this.scroll, false, false, GUILayout.ExpandWidth(true), GUILayout.ExpandHeight(true));
            this.text = GUILayout.TextArea(this.text);

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