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Published 2/4/2009 by createdbyx in News
*Sigh*  World of Warcraft is consuming my days faster then I'd like it to. It's been a month already since my last post and I basically have not written a line of code in that time. I was afraid this would happen again. I would not be able to manage my time properly between wow and working on my programming projects.

"Uprising" the guild that I am in is ranked 2nd on the Sisters of Elune server and I think I play alot of wow but these guys play alot more then I do! We are all trying to get geared runing Malaygos, Sarth, naxx etc,  before the next patch adds more instances to run. It's ... "fun" ... but it is also demanding trying not to get left behind in the guild.  I placed "fun" in quotes because I still have major issues with wow and the way it does things. Read gpwiki article.

Although this hand build website has served me well enough so far, I am still not pleased with it. Both it's looks and functionality. I have been working on a new site and have pre uploaded about 2 gigs of files for the new site but I have way to many projects on the go and am trying to get the project pages setup in the new site with tutorials, documentation, and getting the downloadable code in a half way decent state that it is just taking forever.

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