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Just killed the Lich King with my guildies for the first time since being away from the game for the last few months. The LK fight is a pretty technical fight that can go south very quickly if anyone in the raid makes a single mistake. But we got him down and we had 6 out of 10 people in the raid never complete the fight before, AND no one died during the encounter. woot !

Below is a quote from what I posted in raid chat after we killed the lich king.

"I'd just like to say relish this moment. You have just killed the end game content for this expansion, at level with apropreate gear ...
of the 40,000+ known toons i've discovered on this server only a very small percentage will actually complete this content. Congratz wuhoo :D"

It's a pretty good feeling knowing that your raid group has killed the end game boss for an expansion at level and wearing level apropreate gear for the content. That in an of it self is an achievement.

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