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Unity, Deleted posts, and updates

Published 4/27/2012 by createdbyx in News

I have been working on working on a few things these past few weeks. First is that I am in the process of redesigning the website with my own custom built MVC like solution. This will provide me with a familiar MVC coding experience but in a extremely simplified and lightweight manner.It will also be built around System.IO.Stream so it should be able to run on almost anything not just

Second thing is that I have come back to learning about the Unity game engine. It can be a real pain learning a new platform some times. I find myself having difficulties doing the simplest of things, but I know that eventually with more experience it will become child's play.

I also deleted my previous post titled "Guilty!". I deleted it because the video was from and apparently the video is no longer available. This is why I hate linking to crap in the internet. Links are fickle and websites change too often.

I have not posted too many updates lately on this site as I simply have not had the motivation to do so. Maybe when I start doing more with Unity I will post more on that.

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