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Anyone who has fallows my blog will know that I am in a raiding guild called Zen on the Sisters of Elune realm. I have provided two youtube vids a screen shot and some info below detailing our realm first.

Realm First SoE Guild Level 25 Achievement

First SoE mass rez and nerf bats

Screen shot

Some Details

Early Sunday morning at 3am realm time when the guild XP unlocked. People began handing in there quest logs that they had previously saved up 25 completed quests, ready for turning in. A number of people also had multiple alts also ready to do the same. Myself I had 7 toons in total.

Within 11 minutes we pushed over into level 23. Within about 12 hours latter we made level 24, and at precisely 10:29pm realm time on April 4, 2011 (19hrs of grinding) Zen earned the realm first level 25 guild achievement.

The guild kept pushing it through to the very end, and was never completely sure weather or not some sleeper guild that no one knew about would steal the lead and rob us of realm first.

We kept open tabs in our web browsers and refreshed wow armory pages for other guilds that we thought would give us a run for our money. As it turns out the one guild that we knew of "Night Sirens" on horde side had planned on making a push for guild level 25 but there members failed to come together and make it happen.

Frustratingly the wow armory pages went down for maintenance for about an hour leaving us not knowing if we were still ahead of other guilds.

A member of Night Sirens had previously joined the zen guild and a few hours before we earned the realm first logged in to tip there hat and give us a "gg".

Towards the end we had upwards of 68 members online and participating in various ways. Our primary means of guild XP gains came in the form of chain running Halls of Origination regular with multiple groups consisting of all 5 guild members.

It is pretty amazing considering that we managed to reach our daily guild xp cap every single day since cata dropped.

It was a huge effort on the part of zen to pull it off, and it was a hell of an experience. Congratulations Zen, you earned it.

Been playing a bit here and there on the PTR for World of Warcraft 4.1. The new tier 2 heroics are looking good but I have not been able to complete the instances because of bad pugs that disband early.

Also been having another problem that other people have had where everything is going fine and I'm in a good group that knows what there doing and poof loading screen, and I get sent back to stormwind with a message saying that the group has been disbanded even though no one had left the group. Just some sort of random auto disband bug.

Anyway I took a bunch of pics.

Here are some pics from the new dungeon finder window

And some pics from the new guild finder window

Also some pics from the new character window

Have not made any posts fer a long time now. Been hard at work leveling and gearing up my raiding toon in World of Warcraft. It's been bout two months since my last post. :P

Anyhoo, now that I am basically got done everything I needed to do in WoW i'm goning to try to find time out of my day to get back to some programming.

Just killed the Lich King with my guildies for the first time since being away from the game for the last few months. The LK fight is a pretty technical fight that can go south very quickly if anyone in the raid makes a single mistake. But we got him down and we had 6 out of 10 people in the raid never complete the fight before, AND no one died during the encounter. woot !

Below is a quote from what I posted in raid chat after we killed the lich king.

"I'd just like to say relish this moment. You have just killed the end game content for this expansion, at level with apropreate gear ...
of the 40,000+ known toons i've discovered on this server only a very small percentage will actually complete this content. Congratz wuhoo :D"

It's a pretty good feeling knowing that your raid group has killed the end game boss for an expansion at level and wearing level apropreate gear for the content. That in an of it self is an achievement.

Have been exclusively working on my site and getting that going. It's coming along but I keep overlooking and making stupid mistakes.

Other then that I have not been doing much else.

I've been working on a World of Warcraft character and statistics tracking website over at I will be posting results from the data I collect as well as my thoughts about the site.

I had my doubts about our ability to down him. For the last two weeks it seemed like we did not have the dps for him, but as the group got more practice, we were able to get him down with one minute to spare. This was by far our best, and more perfectly executed attempt.

We tried the zerg method for doing sarth with 3 drakes up. Took a few tries to get a good roll on the firewalls but we did it. If the third drakes lands sarth becomes immune and a few times he was down to 24.8 k health before turning immune.

Was playing around with making a simple tutorial video about the Hodir fight to help people identify what to look out for and avoid during the encounter.

Also I have setup a deticated page just for World of Warcraft videos that can be found here.

Well I didnt think our group was ready for ICC yet but they proved me wrong. Not only did we down Lord Marrowgar but we defeated Lady Deathwhisper, and the Gunship Battle!

It's been a hell of a week for progression for the guild. We downed Yogg saron, ToC 10, EoE 25, Onyxia 10, OS 10 & 25, and first three encounters of ICC.

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