Website may be up and down over next few months. I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of everything. Going back to simple individual .htm pages, new overall site theme, sanitizing and cleaning up html of all pages and blog posts, attempting to implement a new tooling and publishing system etc etc.

Have I mentioned ...

Published 11/25/2007 by createdbyx in News | Programming
... how I hate web development. Everything always works perfectly fine on my local machine but as soon as I upload it to the server, Poof! It all goes to shit. Oh I'm so glad that I am getting near the end of this fiasco. As you can see the new site is up and running. Kind of. There are still issues with performance and it has not been fully tested yet but it is pretty much feature complete.

I am using the blog publishing system I implemented using MSDN My.Blogs code to make this post. So hopefully when I click the post button, it will work this time and not give me another bs security error. Here goes nothing ... Click

( EDIT: Grrrrr another frikin' error! IE: this post was made by editing the feed file directly! )


Published 11/20/2007 by createdbyx in News

OK, time for a rant. NEVER AGAIN! I am never going to use another content management system again or so help me! grrrrr. Maybe I should start from the beginning...

Problem Number 1: Starting back around the beginning of august 2007 I noticed that I could no longer make blog posts or add any new content to my website that uses dnn. I think it may have had something to do with how godaddy was moving there "Value Applications" over to there new "Hosting Metropolis" service.

Any way I could not make updates to the site and with the mushroom picking season only a week or two away I was not going to worry about it too much. So around late September early October I got back from picking mushrooms, then too a short trip over to burns lake for a few days to help put up a tin roof on a pole shed. And as I figured when I got back dnn was still not allowing me to add or edit content on my site. I am actually making this post by editing the sql database directly

It was then that I started writing my own site in 2.0 again, for which I have now almost completed. And that's when the all the real bullshit started.

OMFG! Whoever thinks creating websites is easy, should be slapped, spanked, hung by there ankles, followed by the standard tar and feathering. Problem Number 2: Writing web applications is a nightmare compared to writing desktop applications. There are file path issues, view state, security, post backs, Linking problems you name it, it's all bullshit.

Problem Number 2: Bullshit publishing system in visual studio. I had my site relatively done, and wanted to publish it to my godaddy hosting server for testing. So I decided to use "Publish Web Site" under the build menu in visual studio having never used it before. The mother f***er deleted the files off my godaddy hosting server so it could have a direct one to one copy of the code I had on my local system. WTF!

Problem Number 3: self destructs! So here is the thing, I installed dnn as a "Value Application" meaning that godaddy installs dnn on some other file store that I do not have access to. When I installed dnn I installed it under a dnn folder. That's why when you visit the site the url always started with So I was thinking that by publishing my new website it would not affect the existing dnn install and users could still visit the old site. Nope not so easy. Not only did it break by dnn install but my new website would not even run. Turns out putting a web.config file at the root of screwes up dnn.

Problem Number 4: AJAX = Bullshit. Turns out godaddy is has shared hosting accounts setup with medium trust privileges. Meaning bullshit AJAX headaches I did not want to deal with. So I tried looking around the net for a solution but could not find one. The new site worked but only partially and there were path issues where only some pages would get skinned but not others. After struggling with trying to get it working I gave up and decided the I really didn't need to be using ajax anyway.

Problem Number 5: Began major rewrite of the new site stripping out all ajax code. So partly through rewriting the new site My brother decides to throw salt on the wound ala "Google does not like query strings because they will not index anything past the ?" F**K! My whole site was using query strings to pass data between pages and for deciding what to display. So then I started to re-write the re-writes! Hateful distractions. My brother owns world of warcraft. I think you can see where I am going with this. I do not know weather or not to like or hate this game. It is not my type of game in the first place but I played Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 so I though I would give it a try. Four days later as a level 18 Druid I am finding my self having to make the decision weather to stop playing or buy the game and a subscription and finish the game.

Problem Number 6: I despise Blizzard. Specifically any company that incorporates a pay to play subscription model. I find no reason for it other then to rake in the cash for minimal work done. But that's just me. The real issue I am having is that if I do buy a subscription it means I will end up forcing myself to play because I do not want to waste my money by not playing and paying for a subscription that I do not even use.

So now that I have stopped playing world of warcraft or a few days, I have had the time to get more work done on the new website and will be testing it at again within the next few days. I'll be crossing my fingers and and praying that all goes smoothly this time, but with my luck we'll just have to wait and see...

I would also like to mention that if you subscribe to me blog feed that I will be changing it's location to once the new site is published.

 *sigh* Thank you. I feel much better now.  :P

If you have visited this site in the past few days you may have noticed that it is switching between back and fourth between dnn (DotNetNuke) and the new site style. Whom ever says getting an application up and running on a remote server is easy did not have my luck.

I have been fighting and fighting trying to get the site to work properly but keep getting bullshit errors popping up, and it's really starting to piss me off.

So bear with me as I keep fighting with it...

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