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Srsly Kewl & I R Back!

Published 10/15/2010 by createdbyx in Mushrooms | News
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Came across this video looking for Magnetic powered generators :P

Well i'm back from picking matsutake muchrooms, and still getting stuff organized. This years season did no go so well compared to last years, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Made about $9,000 CAD in last years season and only $470 this year. Which is a shame really cause there were plenty of mushrooms but either the depot(s) were shutdown, or the prices per pound were only $2.

Anyhoo seeing as how I did not do much picking when I was up there I did have more time to get some work done on my various XNA projects. Pretty much have them all converted over to XNA 4.0, which was a pain because xna 4.0 framework contained breaking changes.

Hiking video and Mushrooming

Published 8/17/2010 by createdbyx in News | Video

Just some video I took during a hiking trip up Thornhill Mountian.

Also I am leaving on august 18 to go mushroom picking again so I will not be back until about the end of october.

Awsome F1 Simulator

Published 8/13/2010 by createdbyx in Games | News | Video
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Sweet in home simulator rig !


This is definitely one of the coolest augmented reality videos I've seen yet.

Robo Erotica/Art

Published 3/29/2010 by createdbyx in News
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Came accross this video on youtube and felt it was worth bringing attention to. I normally don't post such content but I think it is one of those videos that draws your attention and it is something I can really apreciate as an art piece.

Gunship Battle

Published 2/1/2010 by createdbyx in Games | News | Video

Video of the guild compleating the Gunship Battle encounter. Full Length video is availible below ...

Well I didnt think our group was ready for ICC yet but they proved me wrong. Not only did we down Lord Marrowgar but we defeated Lady Deathwhisper, and the Gunship Battle!

It's been a hell of a week for progression for the guild. We downed Yogg saron, ToC 10, EoE 25, Onyxia 10, OS 10 & 25, and first three encounters of ICC.

On Jan 23, 2010 we 1 shotted the general.

Some was asking me about my XMLDocContentProcessor project and I decided to do up a quick demo video of how to use it.

I was browsing through google video and came across this cool video that describes how to create a computer game that can be used to harness a humans ability to do image recognition and intern use that collected data to help make computer image recognition programs better. If you have any interest in image recognition or how to use computers on a large scale to solve problems ala Seti@Home, Folding@Home etc you should find this video very interesting.

You can find the video here.

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