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If you are generating meshes procedurally via scripting you can optimize that mesh for drawing by using MeshUtility.Optimize.

You can use editor scripts to specify additional DEFINE directives for conditional compilation by using the EditorUserBuildSettings.activeScriptCompilationDefines property.

If you need your editor script to support drag and drop functionality you can use the methods provided in the DragAndDrop class.

Avengers Assemble!

Published 10/11/2012 by createdbyx in News

Just watched The Avengers and it was everything I was hoping it would be. Lots of funny moments, each character got equal time, and in my opinion sets a new standard for action sequences. Believable action sequences, for the most part. And the scene between the Hulk and Loki. Priceless. The Hulk just rag dolled him. Funniest moment in the film for me.

When the Tesseract was introduced in the Captain America film I knew we would be seeing a certain character from the marvel universe show up sooner or later. Anywhere there is ultimate power in the marvel universe he is not far away.

I had fears weather or not marvel could pull off the avengers movie but they did a masterful job. I now have that fear again for The Avengers 2 film. The problem with introducing that particular character at the end of the first movie is that the character has such a long rich deep history behind him. He has been at the heart of some of marvels biggest end of the universe type events. I have read thousands of marvel comics including ones from various characters first appearances. I just don’t know how they can successfully pull it off and still have it meaningful for the audience including for people who don’t have decades and decades worth of a characters history and development.

Him and Galactus both are difficult behemoths in the marvel universe to try and convey there powerful history in the marvel comics. I hope they don’t disappoint with the avengers 2 movie.

If you need to know when the unity editor is changing play mode states you can hook into the EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged callback.

Using EditorApplication.isPlaying & EditorApplication.isPaused you can control when you want to run or pause your game in the unity editor using scripting.

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