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Now that I finnally getting around to adding all my pictures to my site here are two more galleries I just added. All galleries can be found on the Gallery Page.

First mushroom camp
Some pictures of my uncles first mushroom camp where me and my family go mushroom picking each year. This camp was built a number of years before there was a logging road to where we setup camp now. We used to camp on the other side of the nass river then use river boats to get down river. Then we had to climb up the river bank a ways to get to this camp. When you got to the camp you still needed to fallow the trail another 200 feet or so, up a side hill, and travel another 15/20 minutes, down the trail before reaching the good picking spots. 

Various animals
Various animal pictures I have taken.

Dogs of the 2006 mushroom camp
Some pictures of the dogs we had up at this years (2006) mushroom camp. One of my aunts dogs the grey husky looking old lady is Sara the squirrel chaser!. Sara: 0, Squirrel 's: 1,034,879. Hey I didn't say she was good at it. Tongue out And my aunts other dog, and Sara's partner in crime Zena the rottweiler. And lets not forget little Murphy harper, or just plain murphy. There are also a few pics of my other aunts dog Shep, the border collie. And lastly the dog who needs no introduction, dufus Duke the wonder dog! That would be the black lab. I call him dufus Duke the wonder dog, well,... because he makes you wonder sometimes.

Mushroom Camp 2006 Construction
Contains a image gallery of my 2006 mushroom camp construction.

It's Batty!
There was a small bat that kept comming back almost every day for the last week or so while I was at mushroom camp this year (2006). Twice it let me pick him up wrap him up in my summer shorts and put it inside my wood stove heated camp!
I even got video of me petting him!

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