Website may be up and down over next few months. I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of everything. Going back to simple individual .htm pages, new overall site theme, sanitizing and cleaning up html of all pages and blog posts, attempting to implement a new tooling and publishing system etc etc.

Scheduled maintenance...

Published 2/18/2005 by createdbyx in News

Just got an notice from brinkster my web host provider... "On Sunday, February 20th, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (EST), the maintenance will occur." So if you can't access this site on Feb 20 that's probably why. Just try again at a later time.

Long time no posts...

Published 2/17/2005 by createdbyx in News

I've kind of been letting my blog entries slide lately. But still working on my BUM game. (Bubble up mario)

I am going to try and do another release for BUM hopefully in a few days. Just been taking a step back and thinking where to go from here with the code design of the game.

A number of settings are now availible to be changed in the *.xml files.

Until then ...

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