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The Claw!

Published 5/19/2005 by createdbyx in News

I forgot how much installing vynal siding can cause your hand to turn into a claw. I wake up in the morning and my hand is all stiff from cutting the plastic siding material all day. I can't complain about the pay though. For me it's not to bad. I have already made $2000+ in the week and a half or so I've been here. They seem to have some good deals on laptop computers here in edmonton so I am going to buy just a cheap one so I will be able to work on my projects when ever I have time off. I usually work from 8am to 7-9pm, 7days a week, so I don't really have that much free time.

But any way I thought I would just make a quick blog entry to inform you all of what I'm up to. I am writing this entry from edmonton alberta's Cyber one internet and gamming center.

I guess it being the May 19, the contest will be over soon. I will try to make another post in another few days or so.
Until then...

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