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Srsly Kewl & I R Back!

Published 10/15/2010 by createdbyx in Mushrooms | News
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Came across this video looking for Magnetic powered generators :P

Well i'm back from picking matsutake muchrooms, and still getting stuff organized. This years season did no go so well compared to last years, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Made about $9,000 CAD in last years season and only $470 this year. Which is a shame really cause there were plenty of mushrooms but either the depot(s) were shutdown, or the prices per pound were only $2.

Anyhoo seeing as how I did not do much picking when I was up there I did have more time to get some work done on my various XNA projects. Pretty much have them all converted over to XNA 4.0, which was a pain because xna 4.0 framework contained breaking changes.

Matsutake Woo Woo!

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I'm back from picking matsutake in northern BC! As it turned out it was my best year I have ever had picking mushrooms. Three of my best days for poundage were  49Lbs buttons/70lbs Total the next day was 52Lbs Buttons/72Lbs Total, and a few days after that I picked 49Lbs Buttons, 73Lbs Total weight.  Plus you have to add +-15Lbs for the weight of my backpack an all my gear, and I was packing about 85-90 pounds out of the bush. If you think that's rough, it is! But you can't complain after you sell them. Tongue out

The rundown

  • ZOMG! Comment spam. I am so glad I turned on comment moderation. I came back from camp and there was about 50+ comments made across the site.
  • I am going to be adding to my CBXADVBlogger extension for BlogEngine.NET so I can moderate comments better. 
  • I have posted pictures from this years mushroom picking season. You can find them in the gallery under the "Mushroom Pictures->2009 Mushroom Season" section.
  • Sigh. And lastly I don't think I can write a better post then the one I made last year titled Heaven help Me! Nuff Said. Stupid game, grumble, grumble....

Besides slacking off these last few weeks I have started a new 2.0 web project. Basically it will be a content resource site where users upload there content like textures models code etc but unlike the other sites out there I will be sharing the ad revenue I receive from the banner ads. This should entice users to post there xna related content and have the benefit of earning some coin from it.

I have a working prototype of the site, but it only supports texture uploads at the moment. Once I am satisfied with code or that part of the site it will just be a matter of cut and paste to add additional sections for models, tutorials, code etc.

But there is one big problem. I will be heading back up to mushroom camp around mid august 2007, so I may or not be able to publish the first release on the web for people to play around with and start using. So it will be a wait and see game.

One of the reasons I started this project is because I have recently uploaded a ton of images to another computer art/graphics site that also shared there ad revenue with it's users, but the problem with the site is that to many people use it and your content quickly becomes lost in the thousands of uploaded submissions. But with xna, the user base is a little more confined and I am hoping because of that, that both the users and my self can earn a little bit of extra revenue on the side. I am also thinking about taking a different approach in how the ad revenue will be paid out to users rather then the traditional methods.

A side benefit of creating this site is that I will be able to make available all of the images I have been taking with my camera. Which is about 1000+ 4.0 megapixel images.

Anyway I just thought since I have not posted on this blog in a while I would let the internets know what I have been up to...

More work to come

Published 12/16/2006 by createdbyx in News | Mushrooms
Here I was thinking Thursday was my last day of work, Phff. Seems now that the people trying to buy the local sawmill that shut down have yet to come thru and pay people so it looks like I will be working streight thru til the 23 or 24 of december.

Anyway I was thinking I'd try to upload my images I took at mushroom camp this seasom. there are over 1500 to up load so, yeah. It could take some time. But first I want to find a better image gallery then what comes with DNN.

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