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  • Freedom
    This video is intended to explore reliable, cheap, safe, and alternative means of reaching orbit, and of course get the idea out there in peoples heads.
  • 2006 Camp Takedown
    A time lapse video of me and my brother taking down my mushroom camp at the end of the 2006 season.
  • I'm just a Juggle'o
    A short video of me juggling three balls.
  • My First Camcorder
    What's the first thing a person does when they get there first HD camcorder?


  • ATI Render Monkey basics
    This video walks you through creating a basic shader that can fade, and tint the color of the rendered object. It also demonstrates how to animate the texture coords from within render monkey.
  • Basic Shader intro
    Video demonstrating basic intro to DX9 HLSL shaders using VB.NET.
  • Using ATI RM Shaders in vb 2005
    A 15 minute tutorial walking you through the creation of a Greyscale shader in ATI render monkey and exporting it as a directx *.fx file.

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