Website may be up and down over next few months. I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of everything. Going back to simple individual .htm pages, new overall site theme, sanitizing and cleaning up html of all pages and blog posts, attempting to implement a new tooling and publishing system etc etc.

Have not made any posts fer a long time now. Been hard at work leveling and gearing up my raiding toon in World of Warcraft. It's been bout two months since my last post. :P

Anyhoo, now that I am basically got done everything I needed to do in WoW i'm goning to try to find time out of my day to get back to some programming.

Oh Shit! F*#$ing awsome!!!

Published 10/25/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | News

I was just reviewing comments made to my picture that I had posted on panoramio and I noticed a link called "Look around" so I click it and BAM! The same technology that microsoft research has been working on only now it has been put to good use! Freaking Awesome!

I had taken a large number of pictures of the same area out by lakelse lake and panoramio now knows that those pictures are of the same location. Panoramio also does it for the a few pictures I took during the winter halfway up thornhill mountian road at the lookout point. I going to have to hike up there again this summer and take a but load of pictures so panoramio can piece together a proper view from up there!

EDIT: LOL Apparently panoramio has had that feature as far back as 2008 and I'm just finding out about it now. :P

Matsutake Woo Woo!

Published 10/13/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | Games | Mushrooms | News

I'm back from picking matsutake in northern BC! As it turned out it was my best year I have ever had picking mushrooms. Three of my best days for poundage were  49Lbs buttons/70lbs Total the next day was 52Lbs Buttons/72Lbs Total, and a few days after that I picked 49Lbs Buttons, 73Lbs Total weight.  Plus you have to add +-15Lbs for the weight of my backpack an all my gear, and I was packing about 85-90 pounds out of the bush. If you think that's rough, it is! But you can't complain after you sell them. Tongue out

The rundown

  • ZOMG! Comment spam. I am so glad I turned on comment moderation. I came back from camp and there was about 50+ comments made across the site.
  • I am going to be adding to my CBXADVBlogger extension for BlogEngine.NET so I can moderate comments better. 
  • I have posted pictures from this years mushroom picking season. You can find them in the gallery under the "Mushroom Pictures->2009 Mushroom Season" section.
  • Sigh. And lastly I don't think I can write a better post then the one I made last year titled Heaven help Me! Nuff Said. Stupid game, grumble, grumble....

A few more updates

Published 5/16/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | News | XNA

I have uploaded a few more images to the gallery. I took some pictures of Rocks, Green Algie, and Grey Sand, the pictures can be found under the "Game Art and 3D Modeling Textures" of the gallery.

There is also some pictures of the Old Skeena bridge that connects Terrace to Thornhill. They can be found under the "Places" section of the gallery called "Old Bridge Graphiti May 15, 2009" and "Terrace Mountian and Old Bridge May 15, 2009"

The gallery is running a little slow at the moment and I'm not sure why. It may still be generating thumbnails of the images. There is about 3 or more gigs of images in the gallery and about 3000+ images. If the slow download time persists then I am going to have to take another look at the code. Also you'll notivce that I didn't link directly to the new images in the gallery and that is a feature I have yet to code into the gallery.

I also added a few more project pages.

  • SLPathfindaz utility library - The SLPathfindaz library is intended to provide a easy to use A* pathfinding implementation for xna.
  • XNAVisies debug visualizers - The XNAVisies project is intended to provide debug visualizers for various xna types.
  • xCollectiveXNA library has been updated and Release 2 is now availible. The events are now similar to the standard .NET (sender, eventargs) style. Also the code is now fully commented with xml comments.

There is still alot of work to do getting the site finished, a few theme tweaks here and there, some xna pages are not fiished being written, and a few other things I am going to try to get done in the next couple of weeks.

Wiimote headgear

Published 3/31/2008 by createdbyx in Gallery | News


After seeing what Jonny Lee had done with the Wiimote desktopvr software I decided to write up a quick article on how to create your own wii headgear so you do not need to use the wii sensor bar. You can read the article here.

Just when it looked like the weather was getting warm and spring was here, we get 60 centimeters of snow fall. Most of the snow had already melted around where I live. Heck I just took a hike up around terrace mountian last weekend and there was no snow to be found, now there is almost 2 feet of snow again.

You can view some pics here

Thornhill mountian snow hike
Some pictures I took when I went for a hike up Thornhill mountian Jan 04, 2007.

To view more pictures check out the gallery page.

I have added 4 more image galleries on the Gallery page.

  • Dirt Textures
    Some pictures of various types of dirt.
  • Textures
    Various texture pictures.
  • Leaves
    Pictures of various types of leaves.
  • Concrete
    Various pictures of different concrete, and bricks etc.

Flowers of 2006

Published 12/31/2006 by createdbyx in Gallery | News
A gallery of various flower pictures I took pictures of in 2006.

Mushroom Camp 2006 Construction
Contains a image gallery of my 2006 mushroom camp construction.

It's Batty!
There was a small bat that kept comming back almost every day for the last week or so while I was at mushroom camp this year (2006). Twice it let me pick him up wrap him up in my summer shorts and put it inside my wood stove heated camp!
I even got video of me petting him!

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