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I am a chess champion!

Published 2/26/2007 by createdbyx in News
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Garagh I keep playin ChessTitans that came with windows vista and it keeps kicking my ass! grrrr, Stupid infernal machine, I'll get the better of you yet! 

Sigh I hate hardrive crashes. Which is the reason I have not made any blog posts in the last two weeks or so. Whats worse is that I basically had files stored in triplicate. I have a loptop, and two desktops and have been syncronizing files between them but I have not synced them up in a while and had to painstakingly go through each computer and decide what I wanted to keep. About 500,000+ files later I have finally gotten it down to around 30Gb and I'm still not done. Sigh. That'll learn me.

XNA example code updates

Published 2/4/2007 by createdbyx in Example | News | XNA
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I just purchased a wired xbox 360 controller so I can test my code using the controller! I also just posted updated code for my two xna example projects ...

The examples now support the xbox 360 controller as an input device.

Just went to to see if anything new was hapening and all I got was this strange message ...

... seems they are under attack! Oh no! 

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