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Almost broke my site again!

Published 3/31/2007 by createdbyx in News | XNA
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I was trying to get a Google Analytics script tags embedded into the skin for this site, and somehow broke the dnn skinning system. I can't seem to gain access to my skin folder for this site anymore. Luckily I managed to download all of the skin files out of the folder before I was denied access. That'll learn me for not making a backup of the skin files.

Anyway as I was saying I got Google Analytics up and running so it will be interesting what kind of info I records or me. It also seems that many people are coming to this site by using a search engine to search for "xna", which reminds me that I have been meaning to post more xna related content on my xna page.

I will try to upload some more xna related content tonight ...

Just when it looked like the weather was getting warm and spring was here, we get 60 centimeters of snow fall. Most of the snow had already melted around where I live. Heck I just took a hike up around terrace mountian last weekend and there was no snow to be found, now there is almost 2 feet of snow again.

You can view some pics here

I just made a forum post on the regarding the lack of a serializable attribute on the xna framework Color structure. A copy of the post is provided below. You can goto the actual form post by clicking here.

So I thought I would start a new project called XNAVisies and create a few simple debug visualizers for the xna framework objects. Hah!

Turns out I keep getting errors when I place a breakpoint in my code and bring up my debug visualizer for a xna color structure. I get vcexpress stating that Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Color is not serializable!

A quick look at the xna assemblies using ildasm shows that almost all objects are marked as serializable like Viewports, predefined vertex structures like VertexPositionColor and VertexPositionColorTexture etc, also Ray, Matrix, Plane, Point, Rectangle, Quaterion,  and all vector structures are marked as serializable EXCEPT for the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Color structure! Which just so happens to be the object type I am trying to create a visualizer for! Gargh!

For all that is still sane in this world please microsoft, add the serializable attribute to the xna Color structure by the next release of the xna framework!.


Published 3/5/2007 by createdbyx in News | XNA

It seems XNA and GSE (Game Studio Express) does not ship with a simple xml importer and/or processors, so you can use xml files as a game asset. So I created the XMLDocContentProcessor library that allows XNA developers to use regular xml files as game assets using the xna content pipeline, and returns a XMLDocument object containing the xml data. A simple example of how to use the library is provided below ...

// declare a XmlDocument that will contain
// the xml data
XmlDocument doc;

// call content.load method and specify the 
// XmlDocument as the return type
doc = content.Load‹XmlDocument›("Test");

// set the title of the window to the 
// content stored in the root node
this.Window.Title = doc.DocumentElement.InnerText;

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