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Netflix comes to canada

Published 10/15/2010 by createdbyx in News | Video
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I have started using the free one month trial for netflix and wanted to write a review of the content selection that they offer. Although there selection seems large but it is also decieving.

They frequently list movies based on search results and my personal preferences, but I am noticing that many of the movies listed are not actually availible for viewing.

Some of the movies that are listed but not availible for viewing

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Erin Brockovich
  3. All Smallville seasons
  4. Stargate Atlantis/Universe/SG-1 Seasons
  5. The Lawnmower Man
  6. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  7. GI Jane
  8. FirnGully
  9. Point Break

I tried searching the site for information regarding why movies are listed but unavailible for viewing, but could not find any information. A bing/google search did not provide any information either. I am wondering if some of these unavailible movies will become availible after the one month free trial ends and I have actually been charged for a month of service but we will have to wait and see.

It is frustrating to search for a movie and be presented with a successfull search reasult but discover that the movie is unavailible to watch. If it's not availible why is it even in the system with a description of the movie to boot? There is also no date stating when the movie will become availible.

I will be making follow up posts about the netflix service here in canada, and hopefully there selection will improve within a resonable time frame.

Hiking video and Mushrooming

Published 8/17/2010 by createdbyx in News | Video

Just some video I took during a hiking trip up Thornhill Mountian.

Also I am leaving on august 18 to go mushroom picking again so I will not be back until about the end of october.

Awsome F1 Simulator

Published 8/13/2010 by createdbyx in Games | News | Video
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Sweet in home simulator rig !


This is definitely one of the coolest augmented reality videos I've seen yet.

Came across this really cool video

Published 6/25/2010 by createdbyx in News | Video

Came across this really cool video all done with miniatures. The visual style is really engaging. It makes me feel like I'm watching some future version of a sim city video game.

Gunship Battle

Published 2/1/2010 by createdbyx in Games | News | Video

Video of the guild compleating the Gunship Battle encounter. Full Length video is availible below ...

Well I didnt think our group was ready for ICC yet but they proved me wrong. Not only did we down Lord Marrowgar but we defeated Lady Deathwhisper, and the Gunship Battle!

It's been a hell of a week for progression for the guild. We downed Yogg saron, ToC 10, EoE 25, Onyxia 10, OS 10 & 25, and first three encounters of ICC.

On Jan 23, 2010 we 1 shotted the general.

Some was asking me about my XMLDocContentProcessor project and I decided to do up a quick demo video of how to use it.

This video walks you through creating a basic shader that can fade, and tint the color of the rendered object. It also demonstrates how to animate the texture coords from within render monkey.

I have also included the render monkey project in the zip. I have also modified the project slightly and have added a better solution to the effect shown in the video. This new effect called "TexturedFixed" uses two render passes. The first render pass renders the back facing polys, and the second render pass renders the front facing polys.

Also my blog does not seem to be getting displayed on my main web site page. I am currently trying to fix this.

ATI Render monkey basics

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