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Oh Shit! F*#$ing awsome!!!

Published 10/25/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | News

I was just reviewing comments made to my picture that I had posted on panoramio and I noticed a link called "Look around" so I click it and BAM! The same technology that microsoft research has been working on only now it has been put to good use! Freaking Awesome!

I had taken a large number of pictures of the same area out by lakelse lake and panoramio now knows that those pictures are of the same location. Panoramio also does it for the a few pictures I took during the winter halfway up thornhill mountian road at the lookout point. I going to have to hike up there again this summer and take a but load of pictures so panoramio can piece together a proper view from up there!

EDIT: LOL Apparently panoramio has had that feature as far back as 2008 and I'm just finding out about it now. :P

Matsutake Woo Woo!

Published 10/13/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | Games | Mushrooms | News

I'm back from picking matsutake in northern BC! As it turned out it was my best year I have ever had picking mushrooms. Three of my best days for poundage were  49Lbs buttons/70lbs Total the next day was 52Lbs Buttons/72Lbs Total, and a few days after that I picked 49Lbs Buttons, 73Lbs Total weight.  Plus you have to add +-15Lbs for the weight of my backpack an all my gear, and I was packing about 85-90 pounds out of the bush. If you think that's rough, it is! But you can't complain after you sell them. Tongue out

The rundown

  • ZOMG! Comment spam. I am so glad I turned on comment moderation. I came back from camp and there was about 50+ comments made across the site.
  • I am going to be adding to my CBXADVBlogger extension for BlogEngine.NET so I can moderate comments better. 
  • I have posted pictures from this years mushroom picking season. You can find them in the gallery under the "Mushroom Pictures->2009 Mushroom Season" section.
  • Sigh. And lastly I don't think I can write a better post then the one I made last year titled Heaven help Me! Nuff Said. Stupid game, grumble, grumble....

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