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Heaven help me!

Published 10/17/2008 by createdbyx in Games | News
I feel the shakes starting again. They never really left me. I try to put it out of my mind, but it is almost always there. An itch that yearns to be scratched. The anxiousness, the tension, the need to walk through the fields of Nagrand, to soar on a majestic Golden Gryphon, to curse at my pet whom I named "Retard".

Yes, if you have not already guessed or clicked on the above links I am referring to World of Warcraft. I have never felt such a deep sense of loss when I stopped playing that game. It's been six months give or take since I said my goodbyes. I guess living in a virtual world for six months straight will do that. I have never felt so drawn into a game world as much as I have in wow. With so much to see and do, I miss being there. Living it, loving it, hating it.

As I am writing this I can hear my brother playing wow in the next room. He has just recently renewed his account. He tells me he needs someone to play with, and to quest by his side. I can hear the clashing of swords, ogres grunting, steel blades impacting on shields.

But I hesitate, as much as I yearn to join him in glorious battle. To visit new places, and rejoin old friends, and guild mates. I know that if I renew my account, it will surely consume me. Countless hours will turn into days, then weeks, then months! I know I will only be be able to pull my self away just long enought to eat and sleep. My dreams will be full of ideas, places, and experiences that I will long to explore.

The new expantion pack Wrath of Lich King is drawing near. Should I or should I not renew my account. I find myself torn in two directions, between addiction and a sad emptyness.

Heaven help me! I have just clicked the complete purchase button ...

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