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COCOON and COCOON: The Return

Published 7/30/2008 by createdbyx
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I just finished watching COCOON and COCOON: The Return and thought I would post a bit of a review.

COCOON ( NetFlix,
COCOON: The return (NetFlix,

Another review and another callback to 1985. Well maybe more of a heads up then a review.  Tongue

I don't know about you but the 80's seem to have some of the best and most memorable movies ever made. I don't think you could ever get a better cast to play in this movie. They are just so perfect and true for the roles that they play. Sadly many of the cast had passed away only a few years after the making of these movies.


If you have not seen these movies before the first movie involves a group of people (the aliens) renting a boat to go collect these large cocoons from the ocean that are covered in coral. They rent a house with a pool that is next to a old folks home. They use the pool to keep the cocoons in but they don't know that a few of the people from the old folks home have been sneaking in
and using the pool. The cocoons make the old people healthier more energetic and feel younger, and as such begin to behave younger. Eventually word gets out and everyone from the whole old folks home rush the pool where the cocoons are kept. This leads to everyone being kicked out of the pool by the aliens. The life force energy from the pool is thus drained and the aliens in the cocoons are not able to be returned to there planet, but the aliens tell the old people they can go with them to there planet where they will never die, get old, or get sick etc. And a bunch of the old people leave on the space ship at the end of the movie.

The second movie continues off the first movie, where the cocoons from the first movie were put back into the ocean and the aliens this time are back to pick them up. Some of the old people also return back to earth with them. This time when they are collecting the cocoons from the ocean they see a oceanographic institute retrieving one of the cocoons that they think is an meteor that landed but find out that it actually contains an alien. The aliens and old people get together to rescue the captured alien. Nearing the end of the film some of the old couples decide that they are not going to return to the alien planet and thus decide to stay on earth where they will eventually die of old age.


Those last two paragraphs gloss over much of the movies storyline points but you get the general idea.

If you have not seen them at all or have not seen them in a while I recommend checking them out. I give them both a 9/10. All round classic 80's movie experience. The first film was directed by Ron Howard and the second film was directed by Daniel Petrie.

Big Post

Published 7/8/2008 by createdbyx in News

OK this has got to be the last time I do this! I have ported over my website content to the new site and have added a few new pieces of content. I know I have said this before but I have got to stop doing this.



  • Added xDocs to the projects page - usercontrol
  • Added xGallery to the projects page - usercontrol
  • Added xImageLink to the projects page - usercontrol
  • Added ADVBlogger to the projects page - extention
  • Added Simbegal to the projects page - usercontrol
  • Added xPagePathNav to the projects page - extention

Other Updates Include

  • Added XML comments through out many of the Zider related projects
  • Most if the projects I have now have documentation pages associated with them. The documentation pages are auto generated using xDocs
  • My previously owned domain is now going for $14,500 :(
  • Added ALL my pictures to the gallery page. But it could be organized better :P There are over 3000 pictures!

As well as various other additions and changes.  To many to remember them all. :P

 Firefox constanly crashing!!!  Geeze I upgraded to firefox 3.0 and it seems to crash constantly! It's like russian roulette web surfing you never know when it's going to crash. I must have submitted like 50 error reports so far.


Published 7/7/2008 by createdbyx in News | Programming | XNA
Stupid password system got messed up some how and could not log in to this site. Grrr.

Anyhoo, just making a post cause I have not made any recently. I am still working on my zider project and am making progress but as usual progress is very slow going. I have not felt like programming this last week and have only wrote about a dozen lines of code.

I have also been working on moving the content from this site to a new site I am setting up. The new site will use to power it.

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