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Published 11/24/2004 by createdbyx in News

I took the DX9SampleFramework Library provided in the DirectX 9.0c (October 2004) DirectX SDK and compiled it. I have not made any changes to the code and it was compiled as is.

I am providing this Dll to benifit the visual developers out there who do not have Visual C#.NET and who otherwise would not be able to make use of or understand the code in this library.

Documentation for this library is availible in the 'DirectX Documentation for Managed Languages' HTML help file that is provided in the directx 9.0c SDK download.

All credit for this library should be given to the microsoft directx team. (66.63 kb)

Just had an epiphany...

Published 11/21/2004 by createdbyx in News

Well I just had an epiphany. I now realize that the reason I always strive to use the latest in technology (in my case software development) is because for the longest time I never had the chance to. When the pentium 2 was on it's way out and the P3 was on the horizon I was still moping along with a 486DX 80Mhz! It's all so clear to me now! lol

BTW: Need a handy dictionary/thesaurus resource check out

Son of a Bi...

Published 11/17/2004 by createdbyx in News

Can you believe my lame ass luck! I started downloading the WoW beta demo like 4 days ago and just now I finished installing it and,.. er, um, Sorry sir the beta trial is over. God dam it! Have you any idea how big the download size is! 2.4+ gigabytes!, yes that's 2400+ megabytes I had to download! It took 20+ minutes just to install all that!

So I go to the World of Warcraft Community Site and guess what the current news post is entitled. "World of Warcraft Beta Test is Now OVER" Arrgggg! Hulk smash! Sucks to be me right now.

FarCry Review

Published 11/17/2004 by createdbyx in News

I am finally done playing FarCry and I have finished writing my review for it. You can find it under the documents->Reviews tab.

FarCry Review

Arena Wars - Community Site

Published 11/13/2004 by createdbyx in News

Have you seen the Arena Wars Game! Written using the .NET Framework!

Arena Wars - Community Site

The problem is far worse then I thought! So I go and do a fresh install of windows after getting a new computer, and install the new october 2004 DirectX SDK and POOF!, there goes my DX9Tools library! It will not run, and it will not even compile! Why? Because when you install the october dx sdk it does not also install any of the previous managed dx9 libraries. For example my dx9tools library is written to work with ver 9.00.0900 and guess what, the october dx sdk only installs ver 9.02.3900! Do you know what that means! That every one who has written code using DX9 needs to update there code to work with the new libraries! Laaaaame! Note to MS, feel free to install old versions of your managed DX9 SDK libraries next time!

Then I got to thinking...

Worse yet, all of my DirectX 9 example apps on my directx page were written for ver 9.00.0900 of the DX SDK. OMFG! All that work,... All those example apps I wrote, all those websites I posted them to,....

DAM YOU MS DIRECTX TEAM! DAM YOU!!! Now people are going to download my example apps from all over the net and try to compile and run them and they will not be able to! And good luck trying to find a link to the old managed directx libraries on the ms directx website, they only provide links for the newer v9.0c libraries.

And I'm just thinking about myself! What about all the other people out there and the apps those people have written! This is a disaster lying in wait!

Mushroom Picking and more

Published 11/6/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have added some new stuff to my site.

Mushroom Picking 74 pictures!.

Added 2 more DirectX code snips. <link no longer availible>

Added a new projects section under the Development menu, and added my EasyG project.

Just read an article on the NYT site you may be interested in...

The New York Times - In Video Games, Sequels Are Winners

2 new reviews

Published 11/3/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have added 2 new reviews to the reviews page. One for the new Doom 3 game, and a updated review for the Garmin Rhino 110 GPS.

Reviews page

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