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Robo Erotica/Art

Published 3/29/2010 by createdbyx in News
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Came accross this video on youtube and felt it was worth bringing attention to. I normally don't post such content but I think it is one of those videos that draws your attention and it is something I can really apreciate as an art piece.

I've been working on a World of Warcraft character and statistics tracking website over at I will be posting results from the data I collect as well as my thoughts about the site.

I had my doubts about our ability to down him. For the last two weeks it seemed like we did not have the dps for him, but as the group got more practice, we were able to get him down with one minute to spare. This was by far our best, and more perfectly executed attempt.

We tried the zerg method for doing sarth with 3 drakes up. Took a few tries to get a good roll on the firewalls but we did it. If the third drakes lands sarth becomes immune and a few times he was down to 24.8 k health before turning immune.

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