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About Me

Description is a personal website created and maintained by me Dean Lunz (aka Created by: X). The site at any given time contains articles relating to computer programming, game reviews, tutorial videos related to computers and computer programming, videos for entertainment, a listing of contest(s) that have been hosted at, and picture galleries. history

The domain name was registered on November 10, 2002, by me, using the registrar The first incarnation, of the website (prior to the domain registration) was hosted on prior to geocities acquisition by

The history of the "Created by: X" screen name is more of an evolutionary one. When I first started using the net I wanted to use the screen name "X" It was soon apparent that just "X" would not do. Then I settled on "Name X" or "Name_X" but that too was short lived. Finnally I decided on the screen name "Created by: X". I decided to go with this title because using it fits in with what I do. I write/create code, videos, blogs, podcasts etc and submit it to web sites or post it on this site. Additionally I somtimes make use the work of others in my own work, so it is not just me that has created a particular piece of content. Thus reference to "X" is a reference to any and all who participated in the creation of that content. But in retrospect the screen name "Created by: X" probably was not the smartest choice to settle on.

About Me

  • Real Name: Dean Guy Lunz
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: July 12, 1978 at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace BC, Canada
  • Schools attended: Thornhill Primary, Thornhill Elementary, Thornhill Junior High, Caledonia Senior Secondary
  • Education: Graduated Grade 12.
  • Languages: English (Written and Spoken)

I have lived in the community of Thornhill BC, just across the skeena river from the city of Terrace, BC, until May 2017, with the exception of 1 year, in which me and my immediate family moved to Westlock AB, Canada, subsequently returning to Thornhill, BC. Moved to Vancouver, BC in 2017.

When asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had said that I wanted to become an inventor. Interestingly I am currently a self taught computer programmer, a field in which anything can be created, albeit virtually.

I was introduced to computers at an early age, starting with the IBM XT PC that was owned by my uncle. I previously owned 4 computers, a 468, a HP Pavilion zv5000 laptop, a custom built Athlon 3200+ used as a server, and a custom built Athlon 64 3500+ Desktop computer with 2 Gigs DDR 3200, 2 80Gig Hard drives in raid 0, and a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. The desktops I have purchased the components separately and put the systems together myself. NOTE: You can sometimes save $200 assembling your own computer!

I currently own just the one HP Compaq nx9420 laptop that I purchased from

At an early age I was also introduced to Pine Mushroom picking, (See for more info). Pine mushrooms are editable mushrooms, that grow in the forests of the BC Rockies, as well as many other places throughout the world. Every year I travel 2 hours north of Thornhill, BC to a area that me and my family have harvested mushrooms from, for over 20 years. Myself and some of my family members and friends spend 2 to 3 months, picking mushrooms, camping, and relaxing. The mushrooms that are harvested are sold to local buying depots. Depots are setup by people from the neighboring communities where people go to pick mushrooms. The mushrooms are then shipped to Vancouver where they are processed before they are shipped over seas to places like japan.

I also enjoys cycling, and will often make 1 hour cycling trips from my home to nearby Lakelse Lake, or Kleanza creek to go swimming during the summer. I do not own a vehicle so cycling or walking is how I get around town. I am also interested in hiking, especially up the nearby Terrace and Thornhill mountains.

I am also a gamer and enjoy playing the classics like the mario brothers series, as well as FPS's (Doom, Half Life etc), and some others like Warcraft.

Podcasts I have followed

Interesting facts

  • I've been electrocuted via household outlets at least four times in my life. Bzzrrzzt "Wu hoo!" Bzzt bzzt ... sniff sniff :P
  • Taught myself to juggle 3 balls, and do simple tricks in roughly 8 hours of practice (two four hour sessions across a two day span) in the spring of 2005.

Computers I have used/or owned

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The web site is written and maintained in english. I myself only speak and write English, and can only barely understand the French language.

Created by: X

Just another personal website in this crazy online world

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Computer programming nerd, and tech geek.
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