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It never fails

Published 12/28/2004 by createdbyx in News

Yep, it never fails. Just when I think things are going good, programming wise. I get slammed with another unforeseen problem or dellema. This time it's a problem. With DirectX. Again.

You wanna talk about strange behavior, lets talk about strange behavior. I was playing around with ways to simplify directx down to an aboslute minimum. What I did was create a class library. And added a bunch of modules, and in those modules I added some publicly available methods such as InitGraphics, ShutdownGraphics, EnableLighting etc etc.

Now all of the variables like the D3D Device, and present parameters etc are module level varibles that are not visible to outside apps. They are declared friend so only the Class library can see them. Although I do provide methods for accessing those variables indirectly through some methods, GetD3DDevice for example is one of those methods.

But it seems when I create an application that references this class library and calls the InitGraphics method but then tries to get the value of a render state on that device like so ...

InitGraphics(Me, True) ' True means windowed mode
' get the Lighting render state property and show it

I keep getting a InvalidCallException being thrown when I try to retrieve the Lighting render state!?! I get this exception when I try to access any of the render state properties, or other specific properties on the device including things like the Material property.

I don't get this error when I call the EnableLighting (sets the Lighting render state property) method but I do get a InvalidCallException being thrown when I try to retrieve the value of one of the render state properties on this device!

Now here is the thing. i have also tried converting the modules in the class library into classes so that my application has to create an object in order to work with the methods. but I still get the same exception being thrown! What's up with that?

You wanna know what the really odd thing is. I have never ever had an InvalidCallException thrown before until of course I installed the new DirectX sdk December 2004 a few days ago! This is what I suspect is causing me my problems. Either that or it's some sort of threading issue. I doubt it's a threading issue simply because my app does not spawn any threads.

I have started a thread over at the VBGamer website in the hopes of resolving this issue.

OK people I know your out there! And from reading my site log I know your visiting this site!

So, in an effort to get some feedback from the people who visit my site I will offer the first 6 people a free gmail invite if they use the feedback sections provided on this site to provide me with 1 or more suggestions on what they would like to see on this site that would make it uniuqe and stand out!

To recieve your free gmail invite, use one of the feedback locations on this site, and be sure to put "I want my gmail!" (or something similar) as the subject line. As well as 1 or more suggestions on how you think I can improve this site! Thanx - Created by: X


Published 12/17/2004 by createdbyx in News

Yikes! Hope they fix that nasty memory leak before ship date.

VBExpress 2005 Beta 1

I have been working on my own custom DNN 2.1.2 module to create my own blog here on my site. One of the problems I am finding is that most of the DNN modules cost money! Ack! Phewey!

Right now CBXBlogger is really just an HTML injector from my blog I have at That is why the formatting of my blog for this site is not well done. Also clicking on a link in my blog will cause you to navigate away from my site. :(

The problem as you may have noticed before was that I had used a IFrame to embed my blog from inside of this page. So I was having clipping issues the length of my blog exceeding the size of the IFrame. CBXBlogger solved this problem.

But when I'm done, CBXBlogger will be free for all to use!

Just a check in...

Published 12/1/2004 by createdbyx in News

Have not been up to much lately. Just doing some work on my up comming Efficacious game engine. I am also going to try to submit a simple game this year for the "Christmas Contest 2004!" vb gamming contest. More information can be found at the fallowing link

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