WebCam capture app on the way

Published 6/15/2004 by createdbyx in News

I am just finishing off a application called WamPosterCL. This app will capture an image using your webcam and save it out to a file. It will include features like FTP Upload, Embeded text etc.

I should be uploading to my site within a few days.

Links page has been updated

Published 6/12/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have updated my links page and removed the link to the Camstudio application because it appears to have been bought out by Macromedia. The Camstudio application was free, but the link now takes you to the Macromedia RoboDemo application page. RoboDemo is not free. Therefore the link was removed.

This was the original url to the CamStudio application

I also have added a link to Sony's QRIO personal "entertainment" robot. Sony QRIO Main Page

DX9Tools Release 5 is now availible! Hope you find it usefull. Visit the DX9Tools workspace at gotdotnet here DX9Tools at gotdotnet

The setup package contains the DX9Tools installer which includes Source code, compiled assembly, Documentation, and example apps.

The DX9ToolsR5 helper library is not meant to be another SDK that sits on top of DirectX 9. It is designed to function similarly to the D3DX classes, and provide a more robust and more easier/faster way to work with DirectX 9. Basically DX9Tools aims to simplify DirectX 9 where simplification is necessary. The Camera object is an example of this.


Published 6/5/2004 by createdbyx in News

Have not made too many blog entries lately because I am preparing to upload DX9Tools Release 5, on either monday or tuesday. (June 7/8 2004)

I am just adding some last minute xml documentation and finishing off some sample demos. Currently there are 19 example demos compleated, with possibly more comming on the way.

After I release DX9Tools I am planning on starting work on a doom style game engine. More on that later...

Also, I may be packing up and moving to Edmonton, Alberta in the next few weeks. ... I hate alberta. Stupid flat landers. I need me mountians!

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