March 29, 2003

Published 3/28/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Added Documents section to side bar.
  • Added 6 documents to new documents section.
  • Added 4 articles to Documents section.
  • Updated the development section.

March 21, 2003

Published 3/20/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Updated both the CommonCBX and DX9 Tools libraries under the development section.
  • Also added 4 example for DX9 Tools Release 3.

March 12, 2003

Published 3/11/2003 by createdbyx in News

Just a quick note that the news posts you read here are not the same news posts that you will find under the Development or other sections. Each section generally contains it's own news posts.

March 6, 2003

Published 3/5/2003 by createdbyx in News

Added a new category to the side bar called "Warcraft3".
Also started a new campaign called "Timmy's Revenge".
Also added "Ancient Power" multiplayer map to to archive section.
Click "Warcraft3" on the side bar to find out more.

Feb 28, 2003

Published 2/27/2003 by createdbyx in News

This site is still actively being updated I just have not be doing updates recently. Previous news posts made reference to videos that I said I uploaded but have not yet done so. I am currently trying to do a rewrite of this site in ASP.NET to better serve you. Also please note I may or may not be away until the end of august 2003. So try to keep that in mind if you have any questions. But if all goes well by the end of the year you can expect no less then 10 projects to be released by me, on top of the release of me new site.

Feb 20, 2003

Published 2/19/2003 by createdbyx in News

Added another link to the links page.

Feb 12, 2003

Published 2/11/2003 by createdbyx in News

Added another quick tip to development section.

Jan 31, 2003

Published 1/30/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Added CreateProperties marco to development section.
  • Touched up some of the pages.
  • Added two videos.

Jan 17, 2003

Published 1/16/2003 by createdbyx in News

Added "Quick Tips" to development section.

Jan 16, 2003

Published 1/15/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Added "DX9 Direct3D Modes" example to the development section
  • Updated all of my DX9 Examples to use the official DX9 SDK release and not the beta files for DX9.
  • Fixed a known bug in the DX9 Textures example file. Read the Readme.txt file in that file for more info.

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