You can visually tag your game objects with icons by selecting the object and clicking the Red/Green/Blue colored cube in the upper left of the inspector window.

You can select a colored Label, Dot, or a Texture from your assets.

I have still been learning the in and outs of Unity for the past few weeks. I've been thinking that because I have not been making any regular posts on this site that I would start posting a series of quick unity tips as I learn of them.

Tip #1 - Prevent config dialog from showing when running your compiled game.

When you build your unity game using "File -> Build & Run" and then run the *.exe that was generated you will see a dialog pop up.

To prevent the configuration window from being shown select "File -> Build Settings..." in unity and click the "Player Settings" button at the bottom of the window. The Unity inspector window will contain a number of options. Find the drop down titled "Display Resolution Dialog" and set it to "Disabled". Rebuild your game and run the generated *.exe. No more dialog pop up!

Unity 3 Weeks later

Published 10/2/2011 by createdbyx in News | Unity

I admit I have not spent as much time using Unity as I'd like to these last three weeks. I have been working out of town and have no internet where I am so I only have the Unity documentation to tie me over. Without internet access I can't gain access to more reading material on Unity so have not made much progress. But I think I am begining to understand it better from what little time I have spent with it. I still have about another two weeks or so of working out of town so I won't be able to dive much deeper into Unity until until I get back.

On the other hand I have been working on my Zider project and have been making some progress here and there.

Unity Day 1-2

Published 9/15/2011 by createdbyx in News | Unity
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I have taken a look at Unity and have decided to make an extra effort to try and dive deeper into it and learn more. The last time I even took a look at unity was quite some time ago, probably not long after it became availible. I've decided to try and document my learning process here in the blog.

The current iteration 3.4 seems promising, from the videos I've watched and some of the reading I've done on it. I am currently working out of town for about two weeks so I have no internet access and must rely solely on the Unity documentation.


  1. Poor documentation! Unity comes with help docs but I have yet to find any starting point guide. I can't find a API other then what C# language/api features are available. I need a clean clear and concise api reference documentation for Unity if I am to figure out how to use it. First and foremost I am a programmer so without an API to browse through I'm lost. At least in Visual Studio you have the Object Browser and can browse trough the assembles and read the documentation.
  2. Poor UI. One of the bigger drawbacks is that the unity UI is that it is to "custom" aka programmer designed. It works but the look and feel is too cumbersome and nor easy to work through. To much reliance on File menu structures rather then say a context aware Microsoft Office style tool bar.
  3. Can't determine the exact nature of the scripting system, There seems to be a choice of JavaScript or C# or some other language I have never herd of called "Boo".
  4. Poor flow control.
  5. I have zero clue where to start. I am having trouble even trying to get a single object to move in 3D space with keyboard input.

Unanswered Questions

  1. How do I respond to keyboard events and move an object?

Notable Discoveries

  1. Democratizing game development as the Unity team describes it, with Union and how they are trying to setup a way for Unity developers to market and sell there games an a vast array of platforms from set top boxes, XBox, PS3, Wii, PC/Mac etc.
  2. The Unity team seems to be in talks and making deals with more and more AAA publishers and game companies regarding Unity. This give them credit as a legit and serious contender in the game dev space.
  3. They provide a free version of Unity that can compile your game

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