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Quick Tips (Old)

*Notice this is old content related ro old blog post references

Quick Tips

The quick tips section contains a list of programming tips that the developer can use to be more efficient. 

  Visual Basic.NET  

Retrieving OS System Information
  • System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation

Declare 2 variables and set there value in 1 line of code

  • Use Dim a As Integer, b As Integer = 0. If you use Dim a, b As Integer = 0 you will get an error.

Create a object from a .NET assembly and a object name

  • Use the "Activator.CreateInstanceFrom" method.

Specify if a property is visible at design time or run time

  • Use the "Browsable" attribute.

Sending an email using one line of code!

  • Try the System.Web.Mail.SMTPMail.Send method. 

Making a form always stay on top

  • Set the "TopMost" property of a form to true. 

Not enough code examples in the help documentation

  • Sometimes there is a short code example for other languages. Click the language filter button () and select "Show All".

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