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WamPosterCL Web cam image capture with ftp support

File: (175.82 kb)
Requires: DShowNET and DirectX.Capture, both are included in the zip.

OK, as promised here it is WamPosterCL. WamPoster stands for WebCam Poster (Takes a picture and posts it to a ftp server). the CL refers to the command line, because this app is a command line application.

To get help on how to use the WamPosterCL app, simply run it with no parameters.

Known issues ...

I have only tested it with a DLink DSC-350F camera. But it seems that it will only capture images for a few hours (windows task scheduled to run every 10 minutes) after that it can't seem capture any more for some strange reason. Also, not only does it stop taking pictures after while but if you unplug the camera and then plug it back in, (to reset it) it can cause your WindowsXP Pro system to crash and restart! It caused my system to restart last night and it just caused a restart again a few minutes ago. I don't have a clue as to what could cause, or justify for that matter, a system restart!

Application requirements

The WamPosterCL app requires the DShowNET and DirectX.Capture libraries, both are included in the zip. You will have to extract them and re-add them to the WamPosterCL solution.

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