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I came across this kinda stupid quark about VB.NET and varible declorations after doing some code conversions from c# to


If you try to declare 2 varibles on the same line and set there initial value like so you get the fallowing design time error...
Explicit initialization is not permitted with multiple variables declared with a single type specifier.

Dim a, b As Integer = 0

Strangly if you declare the varibles like so ...

Dim a As Integer, b As Integer = 0

... You no longer get the error?

I could understand this error if variants were still apart of For example ...

Dim a, b As Integer = 0

... Would result in 'a' being a variant and 'b' being an integer. But there are no variants in I'm guessing it's a feature the MS team has not discovered or have got around to implementing yet. BTW, I am using 2002 so this varible decloration quark may have been fixed in laters version of

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