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Published 5/6/2004 by createdbyx in News

DX9Tools R5 progress report...

I have a 99% complete new library called MAXExport that I expose out to COM. I have also written a MAXScript script for 3DS MAX that uses the classes from the MAXExport library to export Meshes+Animations and Cameras+Animations.

But I am having trouble on the MAXScript side not working properly.

The reason I am making this MAXExport library and MAXScript script is because I am in the process of adding custom animation classes to DX9Tools so that you can use 3DS MAX to create your meshes and scenes and export them. As well as providing the classes to load and play the animations in your apps/games. I have some Animation classes already built and working, but I want to add more features before I posting the official Release 5 for DX9Tools.

I am also doing some more work on DXEliminator and will make a post for that soon.

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