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Just thought it was funny

Published 4/21/2005 by createdbyx in News

Was checking my old email accounts to make sure no one had send mail to them,And I see yahoo is soon going to have 1gig email storage as well. lol They still can't beat google. Check out 2115.287 megs of storage and counting ! Yea !

I may decide to take a hiking trip, up top of the mountian tomorrow. Take some pics, see the sights, get some excersise. Thinking I should do it now and get it over with before the summer heat kicks in. It reach 20+ celceius today. There is still snow at the highest point of the mountian so hoping it will be cooler up there! I have been thinking of taking a walk up there for some time now but never got around to it. The other day I walked from my house, halfway up the mountian in only 1h45m. I was surprised I made it that far so fast, and just walking. But had to turn around and come back. Silly me, neglected to bring any water, food, or survival gear. If I take some pics I will be sure to post them on the site. If I don't make any posts for a while, fell free to assume that my new home is in the belly of a grizzly bear. lol

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