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Published 11/18/2005 by createdbyx in News

I have finished fixing a few bugs in the website code and will ne adding additional content in the comming days.

Here is a list of things I am going to be trying to do...

  1. Try to finish writing my xRSSEd application, or at least get it working enough to start using it. Right now I am publishing all the feeds on this site by hand! xRSSEd will allow you to edit RSS, Atom, or RDF feeds. It is progressing quite well but there seems to be some problems when saving a feed.
  2. Add additional projects to the site. The projects I am going to be adding are ...
    • DXTools Release 7
    • EGEngine (A game engine core)
    • xGameConsole (Already availible but needs example code, documentation, videos etc)
    • CBXSupport (Already availible but needs example code, documentation, videos etc)
    • xCoreEngine (A game engine code similar to EGEngine but more simplified)
    • Sphlix (A general purpose game engine core. All you do is have to write the engine logic tasks and renderer and it does the rest)
    • xFrippery (A DirectX GUI system that I may or may not continue working on)
    • GrafXWrap (A simple demo app showing how you can use the xGameConsole as a simple scripting engine.)
    • xMSGui (I have cut out just the GUI portions of microsofts DirectX sample framework code and have succesfully got it working on its own. But the way MS has coded the GUI system has made it a little difficult to integrate into your apps in a reliable way. I have had thoughts of converting the code from C# to VB.NET)
  3. I would also like to try an code a simple game but can't seem to find a simple enough game idea to work on.
  4. I also need to add a contact page to the site so people can find out how to get in touch with me.
  5. Oh yah, now that I think of it I will also need to update the DirectX examples I have on the site. I don't think some of them are working anymore.

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