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Published 11/30/2005 by createdbyx in News

I just canceled my current cable internet service. I am moving to DSL. But my DSL internet does not start until Dec 2, 05. So I might be in the dark for a day or two. I am seroiusly hope my ping drops after the move to DSL. Currently with cable I get around 175 to 300+ ping during the day with Counter strike source, farcry, and UT2004. But that drops down to about 85 to 125+ after 12 o'Clock at night. Needless to say that many people are tinking of heading to bed around that time, leaving me standing all alone with my bfg and none too many to shoot at.

There is nothing more frustrating then trying to blast someone knowing you hit them but finding out you actually missed because of lag! Not only that but 95% of the people playing counter strike source, have an average ping of about 20 to 60, giving them 2 to 5 times more chances to kill me first. BAH!

I suspect it is in part because I have been using cable, and I live farther north of any major city(s). Not only that but since cable is shared I have to content with the fact that my ISP is the only high speed provider this far out of town, which means I have been sharing my bandwidth with, I suspect, quite a few people.

This is the first time I have been able to get DSL where I live, so it is going to be interesting to see is there is a noteworthy drop in my ping when playing online games. I also signed up for the fastest package they my DSL provider offered, so I am hopeing for 40 ping in CS source, but I think I will settle for a high ping of 60 to 70. But I guess I will just have to wait and see...

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