I hate big citys

Published 3/28/2006 by createdbyx in News

I will be heading back to edmonton tomorrow, to work for a few more months. ugh! I hate big citys, flat land, concrete and pavement for as far as the eye can see. Not to mention endless urban sprawl.

I have not made too many posts latley, i think only 2 in the last 2 months, but I have been working on a range of projects that I am dubbing the xGSuite. (Created by: X - Game Suite) The xGSuite is a collection of game related libraries some of them you may already know of like DXTools. There are libraries for phisics, scene management (OctTree or implement your own), collision detection, animation, game engine cores (2 of em), game console, user input, graphics (both directx and one thats abstracted), a very easy and simple xml driven gui system, material system for directx HLSL shaders, timers, and a test game engine called Zider. As well as example apps for every library. DXTools alone has 70+ already with the intention of having 101 examples for it by it's next release.

Each library is intended to be useable on it's own so that a developer wanting to use one library does not need to worry about that library referencing other libraries in the xGSuite. Although there are some minor exeptions. I have started 3 other games but those are really just to help me get an idea of how integrating the libraries from the xGSuite looks and feels, they probably will not be finished. I have also started a SourceForge site for xGSuite but seem to be having problems with the CVS service.

On another note I am still going to have access to the net but in a limited fasion. *Cough* Dialup *Cough* Oh god I swore off never using it again! But alas, I have no choice. So given that I will be on dialup the only thing I will be able to do is check my e-mail. lol I have been madly subscribing and downloading any podcast I can off iTunes, so I don't have to suffer thru slow download speeds.

Anyway there is nothing much more to say other then to keep an eye on this feed in the next few months, you might see a secret project I have been working on come to light. ;)

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