Have not made a post in a while but just got this email responce back from valve and thought it was good for a laugh. The funny text is highlited in bold/italics.

Response (Mercedes) 02/12/2006 04:05 PM

I will pass this through the appropriate channels here at Valve.
In the meantime, please do not do that and you shouldn't have that problem.

Please check the news section of www.steampowered.com regularly for updates.
Customer (CBX CBX) 12/07/2005 04:15 PM
I have tried running steam://runsafe/240 then steam://validate/240 then rebooting proceedure, but it did not fix the problem.

Response (Mercedes) 12/07/2005 03:59 PM

Please click on the link given below in order to run runsafe which will reset your cvars.


Please validate your game files by clicking on the link given below and
*restart your computer* immediately after game file validation.


If you do not see the run safe validation links, please copy and paste the run
safe and validation text above and go to START > RUN > paste the text into th OPEN field > select OK.

Customer (CBX CBX) 12/07/2005 03:51 PM
To reporodice..
1: Start Counter strike source
2: start a server or join a game
3: press ~ to open up console
4: enter +attack and press enter (player should shoot gun once)
5: press ~ to hide console
6: you can no longer shoot your gun but the gun uncontrollably shoots at random
every so often. Even though it shoots it does not decrease the ammo count
on the onscreen hud
7: Disconnect from the game
8: Move mouse over main menu items, and the tick sound is played twice when
mouse moves over an item. The game also seems to respond a little slower like
it is going to crash but it never does.

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