Have not made any posts latley but have been pre occupied with other things. Firstly, me and my brother are trying to create a game for facebook similar to the Mafia Wars and Age of Castles games. Coding the game is easy. Comming up with a theme and content for the game .... not so easy :(

I have also been doing some programming in silverlight and playing around with making a RTS type game simlilar to the old warcraft 1/2/3 games. Part way through tweaking the games AI, I decided to refactor the whole thing so that the game code mirrors very closely the xna framework. This will allow me to more easily port my existing C# code back and fourth between silverlight and xna. It will also have the added benifit of allowing me to have a code base that i can build off of and reuse in any future silverlight projects.

Lastly there are some things on the internet, that there are really no words to describe how they make you feel other then they are enjoyable. Apparently back in january 2009, from what I have read, a internet civil war started over a few 4chan and youtube videos posted by user boxxybabee.

If you are unfamiliar with the back story, this blog is a good resource to start with and contains a full write up. The vidoes capture the same spirit, and infecious meme that other popular youtube videos have demonstrated such as the numa numa guy.

The boxxybabee videos and subsequent remixes have captured my attention for most of the last two days. Even working with limited content some of the remixes have created a near fully realized song. Sadly boxxybabe has not been see since these events. But in her own words, that would lose the mystery.

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