Site was temporarilly down for about 30 hours. Nothing was broken I just left it as it was so that godaddy could take a look at if it was anything on there end. I wrote a new extension for BlogEngine that would allow me to embed [ SILVERLIGHT ] tags in pages or posts and have the tag replaced with a silverlight html "<object" markup.

But if you visited the site yesterday you would have seen the error page stating that there was a compile error on line two ala "using System.Linq;". This error had me scratching my head. I double checked the settings under godaddy hosting control panel and iis7 and 2.0/3.0/3.5 were set properly. One thing I did notice was that on the error page that the command line that was being called and invoking the C# compiler was not making any references to the System.Linq assemblies. Which would explain the compilation error. ASP.NET is the one that is invoking the call to the C# compiler and if goddady supported 3.5 as they claim I don't understand why my extension would not be compiling.

It sucks because I also got around to writing a second extension for BlogEngine that tracks changes I make to the site weather I create new content/delete content or just update content on the site it logs everything. Then every so often when I want to make a new blog entry all I have to do is type [ CHANGELOG ] and presto a nicley formated categorized and bulleted list get embeded into the post and the log file gets cleared out. I wrote this extension because sometimes I tweak the site here and there or add a little bit of new content and forget to mention it in a blog post. With this extension all that get handled for me automatically. 

Unfortunatley I cannot use this extension either because it heavilly uses linq as well. *Sigh*

Something else that has me concerned is that DomainPeople the company that I have registered my domain name with is not letting me log into there site. So I tried there password recovery option and provided my domain name then clicked the "Get Password" button but it comes back as saying it can't find that domain.  O.o wtf? I have used DomainPeople as my registar for for over 7 years how could they not have a record of my domain. Even the WhoIs records show that is registered using DomainPeople. I submited a feedback form but am still waiting to hear back from them. Grrr

So all around these last few days have not been all that great.

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