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Published 3/1/2013 by createdbyx in News

I have been procrastinating whether or not to write my own open source Google Drive / DropBox clone in C# for some time now. I’ve been looking for a cloud based backup solution but am to cheap to pay and have only used the free storage that DropBox, Google Drive & SkyDrive offer. Google Drive & DropBox work awesome and seamlessly but I have had various “issues” with SkyDrive.

The reason I wanted to write my own clone of these cloud based storage solutions is because I am already paying for “Unlimited” storage with my web hosting account that this site and all my other web sites are hosted from. So for me to pay extra for storage on SkyDrive, DropBox etc doesn't make much sense.

I used to use SyncBack for a while but stopped using it. I started looking around for free alternatives and came across Duplicati. Duplicati is almost what I had planed on making myself. it’s open source, written in C# and can back up files to a multitude of storage destinations like SkyDrive, Google Drive, FTP etc. It’s multi platform (Mac, Win, Linux) & it supports encryption, compression & incremental backups! It’s pretty much everything I could have hoped for and a little bit more.

Although I have not used it for very long I think I may have found a backup solution I can live with.

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