The CBXInputBindings library is a fast easy to use input library that provides an abstracted user input model.

Below lists the current status of the various features that are either currently working or on the drawing table.  

Working features

  1. XML based binding files 
  2. Load bindings from game assets via content.load<>
  3. Uses interfaces
  4. Any device can be used by implementing your own binding code. (A partial example for the Wiimote is provided in the download.)

Features on the drawing table and issues to be fixed

  1. Need to create tests for older (MDX) Managed DirectX Input device. CBXInputBindings uses interfaces so support for legacy MDX input is just a matter of writing the code, whitch I have started to do but ... um ... It's been a white since I wrote MDX code. Heh, so it may take some time before I get around to finishing it. :P


  • CBXInputBindingsR1.zip (Not Currently availible)
    Contains the code for CBXInputBindings Release 1 as well as one example project


  • Getting started
    Just a quick demo demonstrating how to use the CBXInputBindings library


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