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Die book man die

Originally written: February 11, 2001

The fact that (of our five senses) sight comes first, is strike one against the written language (as it pertains to the transfer of data between peoples). For example chimps learning how to use a tool like a stick or a piece of long grass to "fish" for termites, don't first write a novel, then pass it along to others. They learn by watching and imitating. I recently read a book that only furthered by belief that books are a poor means of relaying data between people. (Read the review here)

Now I'm not saying that the written word is no longer needed (not yet anyway). What I am saying is that they are now more suited and related to a computers hard drive, a means of storing valuable data. I can retain far more knowledge by watching a 1 hour TV program on the Learning Channel then I did reading the book "Beyond Star Trek". I can better retain that knowledge because I have seen it visually laid out with my own eyes. TV allows human thought to be pulled onto the physical realm giving it object.

Consider for the moment the amount of hours, weeks, months, even years wasted going to university and having to spend allot of that time reading books. Time spent at a university, or any school for that matter is time wasted. The technology that exists today (though some of it still to expensive) would allow children to start school later in life and be done sooner. With universally less cost. Think about it, less money needed for school materials, maintenance etc. not to mention a shorter school day.

Technology can even span beyond the class room and extend any where in the world via the internet. Students can remain at home and have access to their study material at the school, all through the internet. My over zealousness towards this new frontier of both learning and how schooling is done tends to get the best of me.

Unfortunately cost is still a relatively a big issue with most schools. But then again the people making decisions to purchase new computers for their school may be miss guided. Do you really need 30 Athlon 1Ghz systems in a class that is only going to use them for english? The answer... No. A basic Pentium 133Mhz system will suffice. And currently a system like that runs for about $500 with monitor. Compare that with a top of the line machine that runs $2500+.

Anyway I am simply writing this to relieve some frustration and to give you something to think about. "5000 years of the written word. I think it's time for change. Or at least a re-eveluation." - Created by: X

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