DirectX 8 and Visual Basic Development

Date: August 1, 2003
Book Title: DirectX 8 and Visual Basic Development
Book Author: Keith Sink
ISBN: 0-672-32225-0
Style: Soft Cover
It's been a long while, and it's strike two against books.

I am going to keep this review very short. Do not buy this book.

If I wanted documentation of the directx 8 SDK I would have bought the official documentation from Microsoft, or better yet downloaded it from the microsoft web site. And that is what this book is. Nothing but a rewrite of the directx 8 SDK documentation formatted of course to suit Keith Sinks re-write of it.

First I will address the VB.NET verses Visual Basic 6 code examples. They are un-thoughtfully ridiculous. The only reason to have VB.NET code examples is to sell more books. The VB.NET examples in this book serve no purpose whatsoever because they are identical to there Visual basic 6 counterparts. Of course they're going to be the same they are working against the same API, directx 8!

If as far as the books content, there's nothing in it that you could not find in the directx 8 SDK documentation. The user level rating for this book is categorized as intermediate to advanced. What is that? Some kink of a joke?

I would not recommend this book to anyone. 

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