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The Ohsai library is a AI framework library that is intended to make it easier to implement AI behaviors in your .net projects. Ohsai is modled similarly to the microsoft kodu project and aims to make coding ai as easy as it is in kodu.

Ohsai is still in the prototyping stages. But there is a download availible and a screenshot of the types is availible. View Screenshot


  • Similar ease of use and modled similar to microsofts Kodu.
  • Ability to Content.Load<> new behaviors from xml files.
  • Abstracted as much as possible for cross platform compatability XBox360, PC, Zune, Silverlight.
  • Fully and easilly extensible.

Known Issues

  • May or may not be fundamentally flawed design. Still struggling with finding a clean way of passing sensor data from the sensor over to the action and action modifiers. 
  • Needs some sort of standardized sensor result type. Currently any type can get returned by a sensor.


  • (375.44 kb)
    Contains second prototype of the Ohsai AI framework with one example project. Includes compiled assemblies, source code, and related content pipeline projects for Ohsai. Keep an eye out for comments in the code and xml files as to why I think things are wrong or not working as they could be.  Requires XNA 3.1
  • (236.97 kb)
    Contains first prototype of the Ohsai framework with one example project. There is no code included in the download. Requires XNA 3.1 to be installed.
    Use W S A D to move the actor around the screen or the dpad on a 360 gamepad.


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