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Property Modifiers



This example code was written so that I could use it as a thinking tool, to help me think about how to go about implementing a RPG items system that would allow the items when equiped to an actor to modify that actors properties. The system also allows for items that are useable, that is to say using some items will temporarily give the actor a additional stat boost. Some items are also restricted to use, both through a cooldown time between uses as well as how many times the item can be used.

Future plans and additions

  • Need to refactor the code alittle so that the coder does not have to create an object for each item, but instead can create an xml file that defines all of the items funtionality.
  • The ability to load new items from xml files 
  • Need to figure out a way of isolating the functionality of the IUseable interface so that items can implement the funtionality without having to do it programatically. IE: Make it data driven. If you have thousands of objects in your game you do not want to have to write code for each of those objects.
The code found in this project has been split up and ported into my xPropMod and Kerwilu xna projects. Although I have listed future planes and additions above those features will be incorperated into xPropMod and Kerwilu.


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