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Defines extension methods that make it even easier to work with SLPathfindaz.

Interface for pathfinding on a map. Defines a map that is divided into tiles. A tile marked as Clear is unobstructed and can be used by the Pathfinder for creating a Path.

Status of node

Class used to find the shortest path between two map tiles. The FindPath method implements the A* graph search algorithm to create a list of waypoints defining the most efficient path. The GetNextWaypoint method is used to traverse the current path.

Defines map offsets and movement cost for nodes adjacent to another node.

Maintains status for a node in the path search tree. Each node represents a possible waypoint along the path. The A* algorithm works by maintaining the status of every possible node (tile) on a map. The possible statuses are: * Unknown The node has not been examined. This is the initial status for every node. * Open The node is being considered as a possible waypoint for the path. * Closed The node has been determined to not fall along the most efficient path. For Open nodes, the cost of moving along the path containing this node is also maintained. The path containing the set of nodes with the least total cost is the one we want. This class no longer defines a static Open List. The new implementation adds a OpenList property to the PathFinder class. When the pathfinder class creates PathNode objects the reference to the OpenList is passed to it. This allows for sharing of open lists between instances of pathFinder objects and should ease some of the threading issues.

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