Simple FOV (field of view) app

Download VB.NET 2008 project -

The sample code demonstrates a method of determining what parts of a grid a user is looking at using a field of view. I wrote this sample app because sometimes it's just easier to be able to look at something in front of you and trouble shoot rather then working with just a mental modal. 


For example in the fallowing picture, the red circle represents the next position that the player will move to. the green circle represents the players current position. The light blue triangle represents the players FOV or field of view. The black triangles represent what parts of the grid that will be drawn because they are within the players FOV.
If we overlay a grid onto the play area we can see that grid indexes 2 to 5, 7 to 10, 12 to 14 are in the players visible range. So for example if this was a 3D application we would only render objects that were inside those grid areas. NOTE: The application does not display a grid. I simply have added the grid lines for visual effect.

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